GWS blockchain

The GWS blockchain aims to solve multiple minute faults and missteps of most other layer one chains that live in the Defi space. Our GWS chain will operate via node delegation and staking to support the network. This will of course be done by locking up GWS coins. The GWS chain will function as the home of all decentralized applications created by the GWS team as it expands. This includes but is not limited to applications supporting protocols similar to Aave, Cake, Snx, Strong, MKR/DAI, CRV, Comp, Sand and many more. What will be unique about the GWS chain in comparison to other layer one chains? Our aim is to utilize the GWS coin as much as possible on our chain, and in doing so we hope to create a multiverse of applications that can be utilized as smart and safe investment vehicles for all users of our chain. The GWS chain will be continuously funded by revenue streams obtained by and through the treasury during phase one of the GWS projects timeline. This ensures a steady and consistent stream of funding to ensure a top quality and long lasting product.