What sets us apart?
A few features that truly set GWS apart from other DeFi protocols would be that We have modified and utilized a popular staking and bonding protocol but have uniquely implemented a burn tax of 20% as well as manual burn methods to create a negative feedback loop designed to create a reducing supply that combats inflation caused by staking rebases and bonding.
We have reliable multi sig representatives and a secure multi sig treasury wallet holding all funds.
We have a more realistic APY to compliment burn taxes aimed at keeping the supply in check. Our vision for the Generational Wealth Society is to develop, create and successfully deploy a DAO with the ability to identify, allocate and maintain wealth that can be passed through generations. “Free Masons of DeFi”. We plan to successfully execute this by utilizing a multitude of long term sustainable revenue streams that all tie back to the DAO whether it be through the DeFi and the treasury, or through real world asset ownership by a treasury and council owned corporation. After which will give birth to the GWS chain and its multi Dapp environment all utilizing the same GWS coin to provide a multitude of utility and revenue generating options.
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