What is the Generational Wealth Society(GWS)?
The Generational Wealth Society is a multi phased DAO designed to create, enable and sustain a multi faceted passive revenue generating treasury and ecosystem that ultimately rewards its DAO members for long term involvement via platform usage and token utility. The first phase exists for multiple reasons including To generate a circulating and max supply of GWS tokens. To enable users to stake their GWS to earn GWS rewards. To enable users to bond multiple other coins / tokens for GWS at discounted rates to aid in building the treasury. To enable users a first phase, moderately sustained introduction to the passive revenue world. To bootstrap available treasury funds which in turn will be used to generate passive income and revenue, over time, always, for the GWS treasury and its holders. The second phase exists for multiple reasons including To create an environment designed for the GWS team, its holders and DAO members to collectively gather their thoughts, ideas, resources and future developments to enable a positively beneficial Defi sector for everyone. To enable our own independent EVM chain with a multi Dapp environment all utilizing the GWS coin as its primary use asset. To create a more sustainable, long term ecosystem that is powered by phase one's treasury based revenue streams.
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