Road Map
The GWS road map is quite simple as its handled in phases. Pre launch -> launch : A seed round was done during pre launch, this funded our development, marketing and initial liquidity. This will carry us through the launch and enable us to draw attention in the space early on in the projects life.
Phase one : This phase involves marketing, and building the GWS treasury to a 100,000,000$ total value. This is our target / goal. By achieving this we enable GWS to have enough investments and passive yields to build a massive liquidity pool as well as to properly market, and fund real world profitable ventures. Phase two : This phase involves developing, operating and maintaining our own layer one blockchain that integrates the GWS coin into a multiverse of decentralized applications providing a safe and secure ecosystem and platforms for the GWS DAO members to operate in. The revenue streams from phase one will be used to fund, build and benefit the GWS chain and its users during phase two.
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