Multi sig wallet details and security concerns
The multi-sig wallet will be controlled by six individuals. First, the founder (Mark Aceto) will be a multi-sig rep as the founder, Chief coordinator and primary real world representative to GWS. In the near future he will also be the official and fully legal financial advisor to GWS operations. Second, we have @anoma1yCSG aka Mark Melvin as Vice president of GWS DAO, he has enabled us to create a successful launch by utilizing his contacts and knowledge in the space. He will continue operations as our CISO. Third, we have our lead developer @Maj3styETH. He is in charge of the development team and as such deserves a position on the multi-sig rep board for their continued management and efforts in development. Fourth, we have Vini F. as our CMO and an ambassador for real world exploits as a public team member.
Fifth, we have Michael Garcia president of the Defi Angels, a well known defi investor group in the space as a marketing officer and marketing coordinator. Sixth and final council member is @ericcryptoman who is a well known social media marketer and influencer behind many legitimate, well marketed tokens. Security Concerns Considering the fact that the DAO holds funds from and for every member this all needs to be extremely secure from the beginning.
We will be utilizing a multi-signature wallet from the beginning to hold all seed round funding, as well as all DAO treasury funding. This ensures that there cannot be any one person ever independently responsible or having sole access to the DAO’s funds. This drastically reduces the chances of bad actors taking advantage of what we are building.
Additionally, all rewards generated using treasury funds will be allocated directly to the multi-sig wallet. This means that all POW mining machines will point directly to the multi-sig and any POS or node operations will be initiated by the multi sig. Our aim is to leave no room for any single point of failure that could result in loss of funds. Treasury wallet : 0xbD0500F9D9C80264d8DE74ACf21a257BFcfa9A62
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